“The thing that gets reaffirmed for me every time I attend a No Fly on the WALL event is just how much we all have in common. It always strikes me that a Black woman sitting across the room from me whom I’ve never met before can sing my whole life back to me without even realising it. There is a common thread that runs through us all. But what I’m most grateful for is the genuine connections that I’m able to make with these women every month. Some will just be for that moment and others will last a lot longer but I’m better for knowing them because each time I get to know myself a little more.” – Seyi Newell

‘Dynamic, honest. Thank you #Superwoman2017 for recognising and valuing ART.’ -Natasha Chilambo

“I always come back from @NoFlyontheWALL events full of empowerment and fire.” – Alex Holmes

‘I’d like to congratulate Sassy Tees on their had work and powerful vision in dressing up their customers for revolution and political expression, but most importantly to give activists confidence and to inspire action.’ – Afrokanist Magazine

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