Join Our Conference Crew: We’re Looking for Volunteers!

Fancy helping the team ensure the big day runs smoothly? Are you an experienced events professional? Are you a newbie looking to add some sparkle to your events CV? Do you have some time on your hands that you want to pay forward? Join our team of volunteers! We’re looking for AM and PM volunteers to help us with either the first or second half of the conference!

What is involved in AM volunteering?

AM conference crew will be needed from 8.30am on Saturday 27th January 2018 to help the team set up and tend to guests, speakers, and facilitators. The AM team’s shift will end at lunchtime, which will be at 2.30pm.

The AM team will be free to attend the second half of the conference (including workshops and SHEroes of No Fly on the WALL) as attendees once their shift is over.

What is involved in PM volunteering?

PM conference crew will be needed from 2.30pm to assist with lunchtime switchover as well as assisting with tending to guests, speakers, and facilitators in the second half of the conference. The PM team’s shift will end at 10.00pm.

The PM team will be free to attend the first half of the conference as attendees prior to their shift starting.





The ‘Re-imagining Black Britain’ Conference team would like to work with a range of volunteers to help with everything from set-up to tidy up. In exchange for your time you will get complimentary attendance to the conference (for either the first half or second half).

Sounds up your street?


Email and tell us:

Your name

Which half of the day you’d like to volunteer (AM/ PM)

Which city you’re travelling from

An overview of your experience (no need to send your CV! Just a paragraph will do!) and why you want to be part of our Conference Crew